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FMCS-1 ALL-IN-ONE FM Modulation Monitor

PRICE – $7295.00   Available for shipping now!

The FMCS-1 provides a complete solution for the Analog portions of the FM signal.  The unit combines the features and functions of an RF amplifier, FM demod, stereo demod, RDS decoder, SCA decoder, and FFT spectrum analyzer in one product.  Using state of the art DSP techniques all of the FMCS-1 processing takes place in the digital domain, this results in FM analog performance that was previously not possible.



FMHD-1 HD Radio Monitor

PRICE – $7495.00   Available for shipping now!

Belar's new FMHD-1 developed using iBiquity's HD Radio Technologyis now shipping.Belar has integrated iBiquity's HD Radio technology into modulation monitors that will enable  FM stations to monitor the performance of their digital broadcasts. Like all Belar Monitoring Equipment the FMHD-1 sets the standards for signal monitoring / analyzing for the  HD format.Belar was the first company to license the technology for such a purpose.






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