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TVM-100 drawing


The Belar Model TVM-100 Precision Aural Monitor is a wide-band TV aural modulation monitor designed to measure the total modulation characteristics of mono as well as multi-channel television transmitters.

The TVM-100 is also used as a low-distortion, low-noise main channel demodulator for driving audio monitor amplifiers and audio distortion analyzers. Wide band composite outputs are provided for Stereo, SAP, PRO and SCA monitors.

Designed to conform with the latest EIA/BTSC recommendations, the TVM-100 features a highly accurate digital modulation calibrator for mono and stereo modes. Built-in AM and FM noise measurement capability allows direct measurement of signal-to-noise ratio as well as noise due to transmitter ICPM.



Frequency Range                         54 to 806 MHz

                                          (specify frequency)

RF Input                                1 mv to 0.2 vrms (aural)

Detected Measurement Bandwidth          30 Hz to 150 kHz

Frequency Response                      0.01 dB, 30 Hz to 50 kHz

Linear Phase Deviation                  Less than .05 

Modulation Metering

  Deviation Indication                  100% @ 73 kHz and 100% @ 25 kHz, 0-133% range

  Accuracy                              2%

  Characteristics                       Selectable: semi-peak or sample-and-hold peak

Peak Modulation Indicators

  Adjustable Indicator                  1% to 199% range in 1% increments

  Fixed Indicator                       Set to indicate @ 100%

  Accuracy                              1%

Noise Measurement

  Range                                 -38 dB to -60 dB

Test Functions

  Calibrate                             Provides internal standard modulation

                                          references @ 25 kHz and 73 kHz

                                          Deviations: Accuracy: 100 Hz

  Calibrator Accuracy                   0.1%

  Deviation Meter                       Indicates modulation deviation

                                          of calibrator or test signal

  Zero                                  Provides zero deviation for

                                          signal-to-noise measurement tests

  RF Level                              Sets proper operating input level

  Carrier Alarm	Indicator               adjusted for 90% carrier level


  Wideband Composite                    Two @ 1.5 vrms for stereo, SAP, PRO and SCA monitors

  Main channel Audio (Program)          10 dBm,600 ohms, balanced

  Main channel Audio (Test)             5 vrms,10k ohms, unbalanced

Audio Output Specifications

  Frequency Response                    0.01 dB, 30 Hz to 50 kHz

                                        0.1 dB, 30 Hz to 120 kHz

  Harmonic Distortion                   0.01%, max (SMPTE)

  Signal to Noise Ratio                 80 dB, min

Dimensions	                        5.25"H x 10.25"D x 19"W

                                             (EIA Rack Mount)

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