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BELAR Product User Guides

AM Products

AMMA-2 The Wizard Precision DSP Based AM Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
RFA-2 AM RF Amplifier
AMM-4 AM Digital Frequency Monitor
LP-1 Shielded Loop Antenna (Passive) (530 kHz to 1710 kHz in 3 bands)
LP-1A Shielded Loop Antenna (Active)
AMDA-1 AM Distribution Amplifier
MP-7A Remote Meter Panel (for AMM-3A)
FM Products
FMCS-1 All-IN-ONE FM Modulation Monitor
FMHD-1 FM HD Radio Monitor Operator's Manual
FMHD-1 FM HD Radio Monitor User's Guide
FMHD-1 Automatic Delay Correction Module
FMMA-1 Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
FMSA-1 Stereo Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
SCMA-1 SCA Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
RDS-1 RDS/RBDS Monitor
RFA-4 Frequency Agile FM RF Amplifier (10 Memory Presets, 650 kHz IF Output)
DC-4 Frequency Agile Down Converter
FMRR-4 Frequency Agile FM Rebroadcast Receiver
FMM-4A FM Digital Frequency Monitor
FMM-2 FM Precision Modulation Monitor
PWM-1 rev-A Peak Weighting Module
FMS-2 FM Precision Stereo Modulation Monitor
ADC - Automatic Delay Correction Module for FMHD-1
WizWin Software User Guide

Legacy Products

AMM-1 AM Frequency Monitor
AMMA-1 Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
AMMA-1(VOA) Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
AMM-2 AM Modulation Monitor
AMM-2A AM Modulation Monitor
AMM-2B AM Modulation Monitor
AMM-2C Modulation Monitor
AMM-3 AM Modulation Monitor
AMM-3A AM Modulation Monitor
AMM-3V (VOA) AM Modulation Monitor
AS-1 Audio Sentry
BW-51 AM Modulation Monitor
BW-95A SCA Frequency & Modulation Monitor
CSA-1 Spectrum Analyzer
CSA-1 FFT Primer
DSD-1A Digital Stereo Decoder
DSD-1 Digital Stereo Decoder
FMD-1 Wide Band FM Detector
FMM-1 FM Monitor
FMM-2 FM Modulation Monitor (Prior to Serial #162167)
FMS-1 Stereo Monitor
FMRR-1A Rebroadcast Receiver
SCM-1 SCA Frequency & Modulation Monitor
SCM-2 SCA Modulation Monitor
RFA-1A RF Amplifier
RFA-1 FM RF Amplifier
TVM-100 Aural Modulation Monitor
TVM-101 Aural Modulation Monitor
TVM-210 BTSC Reference Monitor
TVM-250 BTSC Program Monitor
TVM-230 Stereo Modulation Monitor
TVM-250 SAP/PRO Monitor
TVM-2A & TVM-3A Frequency Monitor
RFA-3 RF Amplifier
Sentry-16 Audio & Status Alarm System

The manuals are in PDF format and must be viewed in  Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have a copy of the Reader, you can download one for free from Adobe.