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The Belar RFA-4 Frequency Agile FM RF Amplifier is a microprocessor controlled, tunable RF amplifier designed for use with Belar's complete line of FM monitors, including the FMM-1 series, the FMM-2 series, and The Wizard. It features 10 memory locations for one-button access to 10 stations with call letters. Direct dial of any standard FM frequency is also possible, and UP/DOWN buttons are included. The station's call letters can be programmed into the display with the frequency for quick and easy reference. A sophisticated, multistage filter ensures the highest possible performance.

When used with The Wizard Precision Digital FM Modulation Analyzer (Model FMMA-1), the RFA-4 can be operated completely remotely, via an IBM compatible PC and 2400-baud modems. Any preset can be accessed, and any station can be dialed in directly.

Local Oscillator and 10.7 MHz IF outputs are provided for use with the Belar FMM-4A Frequency Monitor for easy and convenient off-air frequency measurement.



RF Input Sensitivity 			100 uv

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

 100 uV input 				75 dB

 500 uv input 				85 dB

RF Input Impedance			75 ohms, BNC Connector

Input Attenuator 			0, 6, 12, 18 dB

RF Frequency Range 			87.75 - 107.95 MHz in 50 kHz increments

Outputs 				650 kHz IF, 10.7 MHz IF, 98.45 MHz to 118.65 MHz LO

Capture Ratio 				1.5 dB


 Alternate Channel 			27 dB

 3rd Adjacent Channel 			46 dB

Harmonic Distortion 			< 0.03% @ 1 kHz, 75 kHz deviation 

Separation with FMM-2 or Wizard Demod  	1 kHz 65 dB, 15 kHz 55 dB

Dimensions 				1 EIA Rack Unit 1.75"H x 10.5"D x 19"W

Power Requirements 			110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption 			20 VA

Shipping Weight 			11 lbs

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