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The Wizard is a microprocessor controlled, digital AM modulation monitor/analyzer that precisely measures positive and negative peak modulation, peaks per minute, average peak modulation, modulation density, and more. The Wizard Software (included with The Wizard) and a personal personal computer running DOS enable real-time graphing, logging, and remote operation.

The Wizard features user-defined parameters and settings for maximum flexibility. The two large UP/DOWN menu keys are used to cycle the 16 digit alphanumeric display to the desired menu; the UP/DOWN parameter keys are then used to select the desired setting. The configuration can be saved to non-volatile memory in the unit in the event of a power loss.

A unique "Normal Modulation" indicator allows you to ensure that your modulation is within the parameters that you specify.

An Audio loop-thru permits you to "touch up" your modulation remotely, through the RS-232/RS-422 port.

A built-in Audio Sentry audio failure alarm alerts you to loss of modulation.


The Wizard Software can operate the AMMA-1 remotely and is also used to display real-time graphs. A direct connection or a pair of modems and a phone line may be used. The software is fully password protected with three levels of access.




RF Frequency Range 		     260 kHz to 50 MHz

RF Sensitivity 			     5 to 10 volts rms

RF Input Impedance 		     500 ohms or 50 ohms

Accuracy 			     1.0%

Display 			     Large 3 digit LED for

                                         Negative Modulation,

                                     16 segment alphanumeric LED display

                                         for menus and parameters

Frequency Response 		     +0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 25 kHz

Audio Outputs 

 Audio Monitor 	     		     + 10 dBm, 600 ohms, balanced (XLR)

 Audio Test 			     2.5 Vrms unbalanced (BNC)

 Frequency Response 		     +/-0.5 dBm 20 Hz to 25 kHz

 Distortion 			     0.25% max @ 99% modulation

 Signal to noise ratio 		     75 dB

Carrier Alarm 			     Fully adjustable

Carrier Shift Alarm 		     Fully adjustable

Automatic Carrier Level 

     Adjustment range 	             +/- 40%

Remote Meter output 		     Jack for optional MP-14

                                         analog remote meter panel

Remote alarms 			     Relays for Loss of Modulation,

                                         Negative PPM, Positive PPM,

    				         Loss of Carrier, Remote, General

Serial output 			     RS-232/RS-422

Power Requirements 		     115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA

Dimensions 			     l 3/4"H x 14"D x 19" W (EIA rack mount)

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